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That was neat I voted 5

I hope you get one of those prizes that would be swell.

Sock it to me!

That line was so funny! The whole script was funny! With jokes like that cottage cheese one, and that whole deal with Bobby, how can you go wrong?
I loved the music, Aphex Twin and The Monkees is an odd combonation but you made it fit.
The graphics were beautiful, I could see that you spent alot of time on your FBF animation. It's good to see things that have real animation rather than a few people standing around quoting Family Guy.
There was no violence, but that doesn't really matter.
Now here's my favorite part, the way you intergrated interactivity into this is simply genius. I absolutely love the consept of an interactive movie.
I hope to see this kind of quality from you in the future!

Good, but missing something

That was pretty funny, But you get a zero because Inuyasha and Naruto weren't in it. THEY R LIEK SO GR8

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Who cares if YOU don't like the music

You're trying to please the player, not yourself. If you really hate the music that much, make it so you can turn it off, don't just take it out entirely. Lack of music aside, it's a nice game. A bit repetive after a while but good nonetheless. Keep it up :)


This is a nice little tutorial. I already know all this stuff, but I'm sure it will help out some flash n00bs. Keep it up :p

Not half bad

This was an okay game. The targets were kind of hard to hit, and you couldn't use the "fire througth your own shields" trick, but it was still playable. Good job.

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Much better that I expected

I never expect the people I know to have any talent, so hearing something of this quality from you really put a smile to my face :D. What remix are you working on now? Is it the Luigi one, or something completely different?

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Hey, I didn't even know I had talent, but many people who do don't know it. I'm glad that music of this "quality" put a smile on your face (it's what I live for)! I'm not sure which one I'm gonna work on yet, but you better believe it's gonna be good...

Love it.

I really do :D
I heard the screaming in this on an adultswim bump last night O_o


This piece is very interesting, it sounds bad and good at the same time. It's like it's lack of order creates order, and makes it sound very good. It sounds like a battle is happening, and reminds me of Lord of the Rings. You did a very good job on this. :)

mrStrike responds:

Thanks for the review Mushroomboy5

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